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My bestest model ever!

So as I
continued to take pictures everywhere I went, I realized I was going to need a model. Who better than my B-E-A_utiful little sister Alicia. These were just pictures we took around our house on a sunday afternoon. You will see her many times to come. I love taking pictures of her!

neutron - awww, that’s actually really sweet. Great photos.

The beginning!

Ok so i got my camera from my wonderful parents for Christmas! I was experimenting with it and figuring out what I liked to take pictures of. I soon learned, I loved to take pictures of anything and everything. If I had my camera with me, I would find myself taking pictures of the most random things. I still haven’t stop taking pictures of random things, I now am just slightly more conservative. 


Ok I have been building my portfolio for a few months now and I have more pictures to add! actually lots of pictures to add so be aware! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Alicia Lauren Peterson

My little sister is all growed up!!!! I can’t believe she is graduating high school! Now i can have a friend come to class with me in the fall! We seriously thought we were going to get yelled at for exploring in places we shouldn’t to take these pictures. We had way too much fun exploring Provo and Springville for different places to capture.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

After a year out of high school it is that time when all our guy friends are heading out on missions! It’s so crazy! So Elder Shawcroft left on May 7th 2008 to Brazil Maceio mission. Elder Robison left on May 14th 2008 to Taipei Taiwan. Todd and Robbie leave in July to Flordia and England! Time for the girls to party! Ok not quite just have a little fun for the next two years!