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The week of birthdays!

Well it was my brother’s birthday on the 17th, my mom’s birthday on the 20th and my dad’s birthday on the 24th! Thanksgiving goes perfect with all the birthdays! This month has flown by with everything that has been going on! Happy Birthday family! 

Christmas Shoot!

I had a Christmas shoot the other day and it was so much fun! I love the people I get to be around! We had so much fun decorating the places we went. It was good practice for me to be creative with a new setting. 

More Bridals

Ok, after a few people gave me some sound advice, I realized I was so excited to have a bridal session that I didn’t take the necessary time to really edit my pictures. As a result of my quick editing, my pictures didn’t look as vibrant and colorful! It is amazing what the correct editing can do to a picture! I hope these are better examples of my work. Thank you for giving me feedback, I need all the help I can get.   

Preview of Bridals…

I had my first Bride and Groom session today! It was SO much fun! Hazel and I have been friends since high school and I met her fiance today. She was so good about exploring and she didn’t mind if she got her dress dirty which was so fun for me! I had no stress about being clean! It gave us such a huge option of place to go and poses to imagine! I will add more in a couple days! Let me know what you think!

S. - Wow, look at you! I luv it! You need to share some more though. They were all amazing! You go…

Aubrey and Taylor

I have two of the cutest nieces in the entire world! Aubrey is 6 and Taylor is 3! They are extremly smart and so darling! Aubrey was a model the second she stepped infront of the camera. Taylor, we might have to work on, but I had so much fun!