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LiamAndrew’s Birthstory

Little LiamAndrew surprised his whole family by coming BEFORE Christmas! I am so honored and blessed to be a part of so many wonderful babies coming in to this world! Especially those that are so close and dear to my heart! Jacqui and I have been friends since 5th grade and I couldn’t be happier for her to be a mama! This is what she was meant to do! Congratulations Chad and Jacqui!

Nikki - My cousin Jacqui is so amazing! Thank you for capturing such a special event in the most BEAUTIFUL WAY!! Come photograph my next birth someday!!!!

Raúl Parra - Increíbles fotografías, me encantan!
Pude apreciar los sentimientos de todos atravez de las fotos!
Gracias por compartirlas! Saludos desde Chile

kim Shields - Lizzy, This is wonderful!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day for all of us to relive. Just makes me cry!!! Thank you.
Love you

Averie 12 Days New

I absolutely LOVE being able to take newborn pictures following their birthstory! I got to see Averie come into the world just 12 days earlier and then I got to spend some more time cuddling her! She was so wonderful for us! She slept and posed just perfect!

Jen Maternity

This beautiful girl holds a very special place in my heart! She is my big sister of 8 years and my very best friend! Her and Nick have been married for 11 years and now expecting their very first little person! To say the suspense is killing me is a huge understatement! Now, if only I could get them on board to have me shoot her birthstory 😉 January can not get here fast enough!!

Averie’s Birthstory

This was such an emotional birthstory for me! It was through the night and sweet Desire’e and Cody had to deal with a few scares through her labor. Even with little Averie’s heart rate dropping and the operating room on prep for an emergency c-section, they were so brave and everything turned out wonderfully! Her doctor was seriously the nicest doctor I have ever been around during a birthstory. He even spent the time to fix her pillows! When he had to stop Des’s contractions for about an hour, he spent most of that hour hanging out at the nurses station and keeping everyone company.   Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of such a hard and emotional day for you!

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Ireland & Indie Birth Story

This was a first for me to photograph a c-section and also a first for me to photograph twins! It was wonderful! Cassidy and Bryce are so kind! I know I say this every post but I really love my job! Thank you so much for letting me be part of your wonderful day!

It was so hard for me to watch those doors close and know I had to sit out in the hall and just wait!

Once I heard a baby cry I didn’t have a clock close by so I pulled out my phone! Baby A was born at 4:13 and baby B was at 4:15

Ireland is on the left and Indie is on the right

R.L. & Virginia Shepherd - Congratulations to you two!! We are so happy for you and hope the little ones are doing so good that you either have them home or soon will. They are beautiful!!

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Carolina - WOW! such a beautiful set…and Cassidy, you are the greatest! I wish such amazing things for your family..Your girls are the sweetest and your little blondie is such a mini YOU! Best wishes for the five of you, missing you much today.