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Cosette’s Birthstory

My older sister Patrice gets to jump on the baby band wagon again! I can not express how happy I am for this family and my sweet niece Macey who is heaven having a new baby sister! Isn’t it every 12 year old’s dream is for their mom to have baby? Or was that just me? Either way I was so honored to be allowed to photograph Patrice’s C-section and capture this amazing time for their family! I love you guys so much! Grab the tissues! You’re going to need them when Macey holds her baby sister for the first time! And then sweet Caleb was so excited his reaction took a few minutes, but when it did he was so overwhelmed with love. Baby Cozi, you are already spoiled with so much love my dear!


jacqueline shields-workman - Beautiful story! Incredible talent!!! Great work Lizzy!!!!:)

Benjamin’s Birth Story

Sweet Heather was working with the Midwives at the University of Utah Hospital and was hoping to have a natural delivery. Her due date is actually today the 23rd and her birth story did not go any way she had hoped it would. She was told at her 37 week appointment that she was going to be induced for pre-eclampsia. We texted back and forth through out the night once she was admitted and assured me that I wasn’t missing anything and that things were progressing very slowly. I slept though the night and waited for additional updates. Around 8:00AM I said to my husband, ” I think I might run to the hospital and get a few waiting shots even though nothing is happening.” Not two seconds later a text message comes through that says, ” Hey Lizzy, this is Heather’s husband. She has been taken into an emergency c-section and will have the baby within the hour.” I was heartbroken for Heather and her birth plan! I jumped into the car and headed straight to the hospital. Her delivery did not go as she wanted but her sweet baby boy was healthy and strong. He came out screaming and weighing 7 pounds a whopping 3 weeks early! I can’t image what he would have weighed if he made it to 40 weeks! It was a delight working with Heather and her new little family. I am so honored to be a part of this very special day for them. ben1ben2ben3ben4ben5ben6ben7ben8ben9ben10ben11ben12ben13ben14


 One of the nurses in the c-section snapped these images. Benjamin’s umbilical cord was tied in a big knot! It’s no wonder this little boy made such a fuss making his debut into this world!