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Baby Jet

If you are wondering where I’ve been and why I’ve abandoned my blog it’s because I had my baby boy. But now I am back and loving it!
Everyone knows I love this family! Now they have a little boy for me to love!
 So be prepared for a little bit of picture overload!

We had donuts half way through to keep everyone happy and smiling:)

Savvy does not love getting her pictures taken but while I was taking some shots of Jet she asked “Why are we taking so many pictures of baby?” I said “Because he is a newborn. Do you want more pictures of you?” She replied with a big grin, “YES!” I was more than happy to! Here is some of Savvy!

Savvy & Amelia

To say I adore these girls is an understatement! I love them to death! I have been babysitting these two since the older one was 5 months old! I am obsessed, ok not really, that seems a little creepy!:)For sisters, they couldn’t me more different! I love them both though and love that I get to take pictures of them and babysit them!:)

looking for Mickey Mouse “in my camera”:)Love that look!
Favorite of the day!
I can’t decide if I like that black and white or the color more!


Here are two sets of sisters that I absolutely adore!

These are the two girls I babysit! I can’t get enough of them!

These girlies are my nieces! So excited for our little guy to have a cousin the same age! Welcome to the world baby Sawyer!