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William’s Nursery

I am a little biased when it comes to this little guy but man I am proud of his nursery! I had so much fun putting together ideas! I have been tweaking and fixing things up until today when I took pictures! 

It was such a challenge to design a nursery that I was proud of on a very tiny budget! I splurged on the prints of Wil but other than that, everything was fairly inexpensive! 

Orange Rocker- DI 

Stripe Pillow- Pier 41 

Window curtains, brown throw, Light, and table under the bear- All from Ikea 

Curtain hooks- Walmart 

End table next to the chair- Ross 

Bear- Costco 

William’s Stats graphic- Me:) 

Toys on the right- Blickenstaff’s in Provo 

Romeo & Juliet book- Soul in Provo 

Wall graphics- Me:)I just found my favorite disney move quotes and put them in a file in photoshop and had them printed. 

Newborn pictures taken by Skye Johansen Prints by Iprint Canvas 

Rug- Home Fabrics in Orem 

Orange Clock- Target 

Creature ABC Book- Soul in Provo 


Crib sheet- Target 

Orange Frame- Iprint Canvas 

Changing Table and cover- Babinski’s in SLC 

Diaper box- Me (it’s a shoe box covered in fabric) 

Dresser- Ikea 


I am feeling like now would be a great time to do a giveaway! Really I am putting off going to bed because my husband is out of town and who likes to sleep in a lonely bed? Not me… So you all get to benefit from my loneliness:) 

Danae - Your pics are amazing!! we love you!! :)

-Danae, Clint and Court <3

nate and karlee - I love your pictures Lizzy! You have to do our baby’s newborns! Pick me!!

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Crepsfam - This comment has been removed by the author.

Crepsfam - Posted on my Facebook

I would love to win this for our little guy


Scott and Melissa - You take amazing photos.

chelchard - oh my i wanna win this more than anything!!!! so pick me pick me !!!!!!
btw congrats on your cutie i cant believe your back to work so fast super woman!!

chelchard - wheww i stink at blogging world
but i reallllly wanna win so heres my signature so you know who i am :)
chelsea richard & baby jay

AMMOn - Hey I just shared this on facebook. This is Kaitlan Hardin(I don’t have a blog) I love looking through your pics they are amazing!! By the way, congrats on being a new mama!

Scott and Melissa - I am so excited about this! Your work is so beautiful and we are expecting our little girl here in a couple of weeks!

Brandi Jae - I would love to win this for my Brother and Sister in law Scott and Melissa! There baby is due in a couple weeks!!! Your photos are great!!

tasharutter - Ok i have already liked your page on facebook so i shared this on my facebook! Caleb and I are adopting a little girl from Africa. She isn’t a new newborn she is almost 4 months! I want to win this so we can get some stinkin cute pics of her when she gets here!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Tasha Rutter