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Lizzy Jean Photography Promo from Rocco Ruggiero Films on Vimeo.

I am Lizzy Shawcroft. I have been taking pictures my entire life. My mother had to start limiting the rolls of film I was allowed to develop because I would just click, click, and click! I was finally gifted a “Nice” digital camera for Christmas one year and decided I was going to make a career out of something I loved! I decided to start my business in 2008 and haven’t looked back since. I was married in 2011 and gave birth to our son William in June of 2012. There is nothing I value more than the images I have of my sweet family! I am so grateful for the opportunity to stop time. I want everyone to have the same opportunity to hold on to and cherish the precious moments in their lives long after time fades the memory from their mind.

 My son is dressed in Gap 90% of the time. I am pretty sure I have a problem when it comes to that store! If there was one store for me left on the universe I would hope that it was Nordstrom. I also have a slight addiction when it comes to TV. A few of my favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, Revenge, and The Voice. I am self conscious of my feet but my favorite feature are my eyes. I hate my handwriting. I am terrified of spiders and speaking in public. I REALLY struggle when it comes to swallowing pills. (My throat just freaks out and closes up) I love spending time with family and friends. I love summer time and I hate the winter. The cold and I do not get along. I have a horrible sweet tooth. I could survive on Oreos dipped in milk, peanut butter M&M’s and Diet Coke. I love creating and designing and playing on the floor with my baby. I have been blessed with a beautiful life. I am forever grateful.

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