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If you are interested in scheduling a session please email me for pricing. I do not see the comments on this page very often so please know that it may get looked over!

My email is or you can contact me through that “contact me” page. Can’t wait to work with you!

shaylee burr - hi!
I’m friends of cassidy and bryce, you just did their birth story and newborns of their new twins! I’m pregnant, due june 10th… just wondering your pricing for birth stories! let me know!! thanks 🙂

lizzyjeanphotography - Hey Shaylee! Send me a quick email and I can get you all the pricing information! I don’t always check my comments so email is by far the best way to get a hold of me! It’s just I’d love to work with you!!! Congrats on your sweet baby in June! That is super exciting!

Melissa Brito - Hello –
I am looking for a 1 year session for my daughter for half the session, then some photos of her and my 3 year old son together. Preferably all outside. I normally go to Fotofly, but am thinking I need a little more time for these photos and a friend of mine, Desire’e England, recommended you.
Please reply with pricing.

Thank you!!


lizzyjeanphotography - Melissa can I get your email or send me an email to and we can discuss details! Thank you!

Michelle lundskog - How much is a newborn session? And how far in advance do I need to book?

Hailey - Hi, I’m also curious about the price of a newborn session and and how far out it needs to be booked.

Kyley Cox - I am due in September and was wondering how much a birth story is. I’m planning on delivering at University Hospital. I found you through my friend Desiree England. Thanks, Kyley

lizzyjeanphotography - Hey Kyley, email me at and I can send you my pricing.

lizzyjeanphotography - Hey hailey!email me at and I can send you all my pricing!

lizzyjeanphotography - Hey Megan! Please email me at for pricing questions and to schedule a session! I would love to work with you!

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